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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Much to Say, No Time

I have no time because I want to eat, not because I don't have time :)

But I will discuss manhood soon, I promise.

I also just returned from Haiti, so pictures, descriptions, etc... are to be found soon.

However, for a moment I want to share something I was told in confession today that I have had on my mind all day.

The priest said to me (something akin to), "You can't expect others to see deeply into your heart. Only Christ can do that. You must rest on his heart, and never leave it."

Context was basically my frustration with myself when I realize how often I desire the attention and love of others, close friends and mere acquaintances, even to the point of losing myself or my opinion to the effort of making them happy with me. Sometimes this can seem like a valiant "laying-down-of-selfishness" or something, but often it is just a failure to know yourself in Christ enough to be bold when it is hard or inconvenient. I recently heard it said, "It wasn't convenient for Jesus to get crucified." Amen!

So my point it, allow the Lord and maker who created you and knows your interior much deeper than even you to love you there and speak words to you so that you come to know yourself more deeply and can live more authentically. And then leave the rest to his mercy and grace, especially when you desire the love and praise or even just acceptance of others. We must be humble enough to realize his is the only opinion that matters.

You must increase and I must decrease.